Splash and Splatter!

For this look I got inspired by a nail polish that I just found in my local drugstore. It is a “Street Artist Top Coat” by Maybelline in the shade “Urban Vibe”. It is a glitter polish with black and peachy orange hexagonal and rectangle pieces.

And I could not resist but buy another one of those polishes. It is “Boom Box Black” a black and light green glitter polish.

I also bought a cheap light orange polish from Rival de Loop No.207 which I thought, was the perfect match for “Urban vibe”. Unfortunately it looks a little lighter in the bottle, than it does on the nail. And I hate its formula! It took me 4 coats to build up an opaque and even finish. But you really need a light touch with the brush to not just make it worse with every coat.

I used “French White Crème” from Wet’n Wild on my index and pinky finger as my base color and then applied two coats of “Urban Vibe”.
To create the other splatter nails I used MoYou Pro 04 stamping plate. First I used Konad special polish in white and then in black.

As topcoat I used two coats of Essence “Better Than Gel Nails” to smooth everything out.

It looks a little busier on the nails than I expected but I really love the colorful glitter polish on a white base. It really makes it pop! What do you think about it?


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