Rose Flower Decals

By reading different nail art blogs on the Internet, I could not help but notice the BornPrettyStore that sells lots of nail art goodies. So of course I could not resist ordering a few things myself and I was so excited when the package finally arrived!

One of the items I purchased, I used in today’s design. These pink flower water decals are very easy to apply to the nail. Well I guess a lot of you already know how to do that, but for those of you who don’t, here is a short description:
You just cut out the image that you want on your nail, remove the plastic cover and place it in room temperature water for about 15-20 seconds. Then the decal slides easily off the paper and can be put on your nail. While it is still wet the decal can be moved around a little.

For this design I painted all of my nails with Wet’n Wild “French White Crème”, except for the pinky. There I used OPI’s “Don’t be such a Budapest”. On my index and ring finger I placed striping tape to create the stripes with OPI “Don’t be such a Budapest” and Ciaté “Kiss Chase”. And on my pinky I just dotted on some polka dots with a dotting tool.
Then I applied the decals on my middle finger and thumb by following the exact same steps as described above. To bring the look together I added some dots and also stuck on some squared pastel pink studs, which I also got from the BornPrettyStore.

For topcoat I used Ciaté “Speed Coat”, but I think I was a little too impatient with the application because I got some bubbles on my ring and index finger. Oh well… 😉
For the first try using such decals, I was very pleased how easy they were to work with and how the final look turned out. Have you tried out water decals already?


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