The All-Seeing Eye

As much as I like spring time with all the flower designs on my nails, today I felt like something edgy and different.

I painted my thumb and pinky black (P2 “500 Eternal”) and stamp a geometric pattern from MoYou Pro 10 plate with a silver holographic polish from BeYu “991 Silver Illusion”. And on the ring finger I did almost the same but I reversed the colors.

On the middle finger I applied black polish and silver and light blue studs in kind of a flower pattern.

At last I painted my index finger with the holo polish and freehanded an almond shape with a white striper from Flormar. To finish the eye I dotted blue (P2 “940 Never too much”) and black polish (P2 “500 Eternal”) in the middle and outlined the eye with a black striper from Flormar and added some eyelashes at the bottom.

To seal everything in I used two coats of Essence “Better Than Gel Nails”.

What do you think? Are you in the mood for something mystical? 😉


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