Pastel Gradient Nails

I have seen a lot of yellow-purple color combinations on the internet lately and I never would have thought that these two colors work so well together! It is such a fresh and unusual match. So I wanted to try it myself and decided on a gradient design.

And for that gradient I used P2 “007 love agent”, which is a very beautiful pale yellow creme polish and a light purple Ciaté “sugar plum”. It took a couple of layers to build up an opaque gradient.

On top of the gradient I applied one coat of a shimmery, very fine gold glitter polish. It is P2 Shake Up Topcoat “so gold”. And like the name suggests the amount of glitter you use depends on how much you shake the bottle beforehand. It gives the base color a pretty subtle glow, especially in the sun!

Then I stamped on a full nail design from Bundle Monster “BM314” with Konad Special Polish.

I finished with OPI “Rapid Dry”, which I would not recommend to use over stamping because it tends to smear.

What do you think about this color combi?


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