One Stroke Flowers

Ever since I saw Cutepolish’s “Watercolor Flowers” on YouTube, I knew I had to try it. The one stroke technique looks so cool, when you watch someone do it in a tutorial but when I tried it here, I felt like I had feed as hands. 😉

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Lacke in Farbe… und Pink!

This is my first time participating at Cyw’s and Lena’s weekly polish prompt: “Lacke in Farbe… und bunt!” I don’t really know how to translate that, so I just explain briefly what it is about: Cyw and Lena decide on a color every week and you can show a polish from your own stash corresponding to that color. If you want more details just head over to their blogs “Jahreszeitenhaus” or “Lenas Sofa” to check it out.

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Flower Nails with OPI’s Sheer Tints

I have to admit that I was not interested at all, when I first saw OPI’s “Sheer Tints” on the internet because I tend to buy opaque creme polishes more than jellys. But when I saw what really cool designs you can do with them (for example on a white base or by layering them) I wanted to try them myself.

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