Go Wild!

Animal Print“ is the new theme for Jen’s and Bettina’s weekly spring trends. I just could not settle for just one print so I found the perfect stamping plate that combines my two favorites.

First I painted all of my nails with Wet ‘n WildFrench white crème” except for the middle finger. For that one I used EssieSand Tropez”. Then I sponged on a beige triangleish shape on my index and ring finger because I wanted the leopard print on the beige portion of the nail and the zebra on the white one. My aiming wasn’t too good on my index finger though.

I stamped the single prints from KoandM57” plate and the mixed one from KonadM78” with black polish.

To add a little more interest, I filled the leopard outlines with some gold polish (Essence No.140) and drew on silver zebra lines (Wet ‘n WildSilvivor”).

I decided to go for a matte finish because I love the special look it gives animal print nails. So I topped it off with L’OrealMatte Top Coat”.

What do you think? Too wild or still not wild enough? 😉


8 thoughts on “Go Wild!

  1. Hui, das sieht ja mal absolut granatenmäßig aus! Tolles Design und ich bin sowieso ein großer Fan von deinen tollen Nägeln geworden, du machst das wirklich toll!
    Viele liebe Grüße

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