Butterfly Nails & Essie Spring Collection 2014 IV

In this post I will show you the last of the four Essie Spring Collection 2014 polishes from the mini cube.

Fashion Playground” is a light mint green polish with a slight shimmer in the bottle, which sadly almost completely disappears on the nail. That would have been a nice twist to an otherwise kind of boring polish.

The formula was a little bit more liquid than the others, what made it more difficult to apply. I needed three coats to smooth out any patches and streakyness but each coat dried very quickly.
Over all I think for me this one was the most disappointing one of the four polishes. It is still a pretty color though.

I stamped the Butterflies from CheekyCH3” with a dark pink polish from Manhattan mixed with an opaque with polish from Jolifin. Then I added some simple dots with the same polish mixture.

To finish I used one coat of Essence BTGN.

So which one is your favorite of the collection?
And sorry for all the reflections on my nails. I didn’t realise it when I took the pictures. Will add that to the To-Improve list 😉


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