Studded Flower Nails

Do you know that feeling, when you see a polish that looks so beautiful in the bottle and when you wear it, it just does not match your skin tone at all and looks kind of weird? Well that is exactly what happened to me here. 😦

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the color of this polish, but just not on me and on all of my nails. I guess I am just a little bit to pale for this shade. Well there will be other opportunities to wear this like I did here with a gradient.

So I will stop grouching now and move on to the design:
I painted all of my nails with two coats of P2007 love agent” and simply added a light pink leaf shaped stud near my cuticle and some white dots on my ring finger.

And because the shape is perfect for creating a flower, I remembered a design from JauntyJuli on Instagram that looked kind of like this. For the flower center I used micro beads from Essence.

I topped everything off with a coat of Essence BTGN.


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