Flower Nails with OPI’s Sheer Tints

I have to admit that I was not interested at all, when I first saw OPI’s “Sheer Tints” on the internet because I tend to buy opaque creme polishes more than jellys. But when I saw what really cool designs you can do with them (for example on a white base or by layering them) I wanted to try them myself.

I got the mini set for 15€ (Shipping fee included) off Amazon. This set includes all four shades and you get 3,75 ml (1/8 fl.oz.) of each color: “I’m Never Amberrassed” – yellow, “Be Magentale with Me” – redish pink, “Don’t Violet Me Down” – violet, “I Can Teal You Like Me” – blue.
All the colors are a bit on the thicker side but the drying time is really good.

Now about the design:
On my thumb, index and pinky I just used to coats of P2070 kingly gift” from the Satin Supreme collection.

For my two accent nails I used white as my base color (Wet ‘n WildFrench White Crème”) and then stamped the black flower outlines from MoYou plate “Pro 04” with Konad polish. To prevent smearing I applied a coat of Essence BTGN.

First I dabbed “I’m Never Amberrassed” in the flower centers and on the leaves and then I went over the leaves again with “I Can Teal You Like Me” to create a green shade. Around the center I used “Be Magentale with Me” and on the paddles “Don’t Violet Me Down”.

Because the polishes are so sheer you cannot see that you went over the black lines and the design underneath stills shows.
The violet polish on my other nails dried matte so I used L’OrealMatte Topcoat” for my other two nails to complete the look.

I really love the result of this technique! It kind of reminds me of a painting. I cannot wait to experiment some more with these polishes! Did you try them yet?


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