Lacke in Farbe… und Pink!

This is my first time participating at Cyw’s and Lena’s weekly polish prompt: “Lacke in Farbe… und bunt!” I don’t really know how to translate that, so I just explain briefly what it is about: Cyw and Lena decide on a color every week and you can show a polish from your own stash corresponding to that color. If you want more details just head over to their blogs “Jahreszeitenhaus” or “Lenas Sofa” to check it out.

This week’s color is pink and when I read that, I knew exactly which polish I wanted to show you: Nicole by OPI “You’re An Angel”. I purchased it from Brands4Friends and when I first got it I was really disappointed. In the picture it looked more like an orange coral polish (and no I didn’t look up swatches before and yes I learned my lesson 😉 ), but it really is a bright pink with a heavy gold an orange shimmer, which gives it a strong and pretty glow in the sun.

The one bad thing about this polish is the opacity. It is extremely sheer, so you need at least four coats and there is still a bit of free edge peeking through. But I think you can fix that by putting on a coat of a matching opaque color underneath.

Later I played around with some square, gold studs from BornPrettyStore.

I already saw a lot of gorgeous pinks in the gallery, so what do you think of this one?


6 thoughts on “Lacke in Farbe… und Pink!

  1. Danke!! Endlich bin ich mal dazu gekommen mitzumachen 🙂 Mir geht es mit Pink genauso, aber der hier hat einfach noch was Besonderes. War auch sehr schwer davon Fotos zu machen. Ohne Sonne ist er nochmal ein bisschen pinker als man auf dem ersten Bild sieht.

  2. Hey, schön dass du jetzt auch hier mitmachst, nachdem du schon so coole Designs für den Mottomonat abgeliefert hast! Dein pinker Lack ist echt hübsch, aber noch hübscher find ich dein Nietendesign, das du da hingezaubert hast. ❤

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