Under the Sea!

Now that the temperatures are slowly rising I decided it is time for something refreshing on my nails (and I needed an excuse to try out some of my new MoYou stamping plates :P).

This look took a few different steps, so to keep this post as short as possible, I prepared a pictorial to illustrate each of those steps a little better. So here we go:

1) I painted all of my nails with FlormarWL01”.
2) I used the plastic wrap technique with white and a darker blue polish to get an under water waves look.
3) I stamped the seaweed design from MoYouSailor 04” and painted a coat of OPI Sheer Tints “I Can Teal You Like Me” to blend everything together and add a hint of color.
4) I stamped the fish from the same plate for the index finger and the starfish from MoYouTourist 17” for the ring finger and thumb and colored them while they were still on the stamper.
5) I applied silver shell studs and some colorful pearls.
6) Topcoat and done! 🙂

They did not turn out exactly how I imagined them in my head but I still like them. Hope you do too.


6 thoughts on “Under the Sea!

  1. Das Design sieht zauberhaft aus ♥ Und ich bin gerade ein bisschen traurig, dass ich Flormar hier nirgends kaufen kann- der Basislack ist ja ein Traum in Hellblau *_*

    • Danke dir! Ich war auch ganz erstaunt, als ich den Shop vor ein paar Wochen bei mir in der Nähe entdeckt habe. Kannte die Marke bisher nur aus Spanien und ganz vereinzelt mal bei Douglas.

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