Quatrefoil Nails

A heavy angina struck me down on Monday, so I am stuck at home in my bed and the only good thing about it is that I can eat as many popsicles as I want against my swollen throat.

I am sorry for my absence this week, but I could not really concentrate on anything. So I kept losing IQ points by watching stupid TV shows all day long. Are there really people out there who are actually not sick and CHOOSE to watch this? And those are the things I was wondering about this week. 😛 But enough with the chit chat.

I did this mani on Sunday before I got sick and I first saw it on Christabell’s YouTube channel and I was pretty impressed on how such an intricate looking design can just be achieved with some simple dots.

I prepared another pictorial for this or you can check out the video tutorial on Christabell’s channel here.

1. Paint all of your nails with the color you want to be seen the most. I chose “Penny Talk” by Essie.
2. With the color that you want to have as the outline of the pattern, place always four dots in a flower shape all over you nail. I chose P2 “Eternal”.
3. Take your first color and place slightly smaller dots within the black ones to create the outline effect.
4. This is optional: For an even more intricate look, add some small lines coming out of the corners of the flower.
5. Use a topcoat and done!

The only time consuming thing with this manicure was the cleanup in between the steps (as you can see in picture 3) because I was too clumsy and got polish all over my cuticles by creating the part of the pattern that runs off my nails.

I personally love it and I already got a few other color combinations in mind. Would you give something like this a try?


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