Rose Birthday Nails

Yep, as the title suggests today is my birthday. 🙂 Let’s jump right into it, so I can get back to my cake… hmmm 😉

As my base color I used EssieRomper Room” (American version) on all of my nails except my pinky. Then I added some withe dots and applied a fine glitter polish from Astor for some extra sparkle (who doesn’t want extra sparkle on their birthday :P). For the roses I used EssieToo taboo”, MaybellineTropink” and EssieFashion Playground” for the leaves. When the polish was still wet, I swirled in some white to create the paddles.

The texture glitter on my pinky is P2Pretty”, which is a really fitting name, I think. This rose-gold, pink polish is gorgeous!

I finished everything with a coat of Essence BTGN.

Hope you had a good weekend and maybe some yummy cake like I did! 😉


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