Welcome to the family!

As promised in the last post, today I will show you the mini set of the OPI Coca Cola collection along with some other polishes, that I bought over the past one or two month.

The OPI mini set includes eight of the nine polishes from the collection along with a mini bottle of Nail Envy and OPI Top Coat. But as I learned there are two sets out there. The second one is the European version, which also comes with a ninth orange polish which is Europe-only.

From left to right:
Coca-Cola Red, Today I Accomplished Zero, My Signature is DC, You’re so Vail-Illa (I already swatched it here), Sorry I’m Fizzy Today

Get Cherried Away, Green On The Runway, A Grape Affair, Nail Envy, OPI Top Coat
You can find this set on Amazon or EBay.

I also went polish shopping in a few stores, amongst others Gina Tricot, KIKO and my local drugstore.

I got two toppers from Gina Tricot: “155 Hearts” (left) and “187 Crushed pink” (right).
Hearts is a glitter polish with a clear base and small and big heart-shaped pink, holographic glitter pieces. Crushed pink has a light pink base with multi color reflecting glitter.

I was really excited to see the KIKO sale signs. All the polishes I bought, were 1,90€ each:
Sun Show 470”, “Cupcake 655 (mint), 649 (peach) and 647 (white)”, “Denim 461 (red)and 466 (dark blue)”.

From the drugstore:

P2009 California girl”, Sand Style “120 dreamy”, “010 little princess”.

L’Oreal Confetti Top Coats “Splash Peach”, “Graffiti Amour”, “Oulala Blue”.

Maybelline Nail Art Pen “gold” and “turquoise”, Color Show “Green with envy”, “Peach smoothie”.

AND the Yes Love Neon Glitter polishes from EBay.

I guess I won’t be running out of untried polishes for a while. 😛

Do you have any of these polishes? What do you think of them?


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