Kitty Nails & OPI Coca Cola Collection II

The second polish I am going to show you from the OPI Coca Cola Collection is “Sorry I’m Fizzy Today”. It is a very pretty color but I did not expect to like it so much! And this is also a polish I wanted to show you for “Mädchenzeit” (girls time) from the blog Lackverliebt where you can share all your lovely girly polishes every week.

Sorry I’m Fizzy Today” is light pink cream polish that leans a lot to coral which is inspired by Vanilla Coke. The application was smooth but I still needed three coats for a patch free result as shown in the picture below (without top coat) but those three coats dried super fast so I did not even need a top coat before I stamped.

The images are from Bundle Monster BM-412 and BM-424 and I used white Konad polish for stamping.

This time I applied the OPI Top Coat that comes with the mini set but I was really disappointed with it. Not only did I get bubbles but I also woke up with a few sheet marks even after 3 to 4 hours of drying time beforehand.

I think this color would look great with a tan and is therefore a wonderful change in the usual summer color spectrum.


4 thoughts on “Kitty Nails & OPI Coca Cola Collection II

  1. Ahhh, der Lack ist soooo hübsch. Habe ihn schon auf anderen Blogs bewundert. So schön pink und korallig, echt toll. Ein richtiger Sommerlack. Und das Stamping dazu ist auch echt lustig und niedlich 😉 Danke dir fürs Mitmachen!

    • Ja in der Flasche fand ich ihn gar nicht so spektakulär, aber auf den Nägel war er dann wunderschön 🙂 Danke für die schöne Aktion- endlich hab ich einen Grund meine ganzen pinken und Glitzerlacke rauszuholen 😉

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