P2 Color Stop Review & Neon Gradient Nails

I really love gradient nails and I would wear them more often, if there wasn’t always a huge mess to clean up afterwards. Because ain’t nobody got time to do that all the time. Then I saw “Color Stop” by P2 and I was curious, if that could help.

The idea behind this product is basically the same as it is with liquid palisade: You put the liquid around your cuticle, wait for it to dry, apply the polish and peel off the dried film along with any polish that accidentally got on it. But as far I know you can only order liquid palisade online and it is quite expensive. So maybe “Color Stop” could be a good alternative?

First the brush is short and very thin, perfect for getting very close to the cuticle. It dries fast to a see-trough film that can be peeled off easily without damaging the skin.

It smells a bit like crafting glue, but the smell is not very strong. It worked really well for me when I used it for cleaning up after the gradient (see the picture below), though I would not recommend it for just smaller mistakes close to the cuticle. The reason is that if you let the polish dry too much, you don’t get clean lines. But it is too gooey to peel it off completely when the polish is still sticky.
You can purchase “Color Stop” in every dm store for only 2 or 3 Euro.

All in all I am very pleased with “Color Stop”! I will definitely use this every time I do a gradient now.

The design is a recreation of Jen’s neon gradient nails and my entry for her giveaway on instagram (go check out her account if you haven’t – she always has lovely fotos! @jennifer_rosa).

I hope you the review is helpful for you or have you tried it already? Did you like it?


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