Neon Vintage Nails

Yet here is another bright neon polish with just some simple white stamping. I like those combinations a lot for the summer.

I love the color of FFF, but I wished that they would sell both versions for comparison! You see two coat with no top coat in the pictures below.

I used China GlazeFlip Flop Fantasy” (the new formula) and stamped a kind of vintage design from PUEEN plate 44. Then I sealed everything in with Essence BTGN.

Sorry for the short posts lately, but I am currently preparing for an exam and need to study. :/


4 thoughts on “Neon Vintage Nails

  1. Sehr schöne Kombination :3, gefällt mir richtig gut! Die Farbe passt perfekt zum Wetter und in den Sommer. Viel Glück für deine Prüfung(en).

    lg Neru

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