Croco print & Flowers

Hey guys! I did this design a while ago (but did not have time to post it yet) to enter a contest on Instagram hosted by the talented “isaisis97”.

The theme of the contest is “Inspired by nature” and since I just could not decide between animal print and a classic flower design, I thought, why not mix both and see how it turns out?

For the flowers I used P2Little Princess” as my base color, dotted on some blobs of EssieCute as a button” and drew the flower paddles with a white striper from Flormar. I used a green polish from KIKO and a light green from Claire’s for the leaves.
I croco print was very easy to do, because I just used Essie’s magnetic polish “Repstyle”.

In the next few weeks I will only post rather short posts because I am on vacation in Spain, but I hope that will still find some time to show you what I come up with.


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