Snowflake “Jelly Sandwich”

Hello Ladies,

For the last theme “Sheer” of the #novemberlackliebe challenge on Instagram, I tried a jelly-glitter-stamping sandwich (wow that’s a mouthful) with Essie‘s “Back in the limo“.

I layered a coat of the sheer polish with FlomarIcy Top Coat IT04“, a clear polish with white glitter pieces. Then BITL again, as well as IT04 but this time I stamped on a few snowflakes from QA57. I finshed with another coat of sheer polish and some more snowflakes to make the jelly sandwich look more visible. Top coat and done!

I was a little worried that it would turn out to thick and I would end up with nails as thick as the finger itself. So I really tried to just apply a super thin layer of each polish, which was not always easy – especially with the glitter polish (I used a dotting tool here and there to fill out some empty spaces).
But in the end I am pleased with the result! Though I like the “sandwiched :P” stamping better than the glitter.

What do you think?


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