Sally Hansen – Velvet – 680 Deluxe

Hey Ladies,

Today I will show you a polish from the new Sally Hansen LE “Velvet Texture“.

I didn’t even know that there is a new LE in stores and they looked very promising, so I picked up two of the six polishes. The colors are all rather muted: two blues, pink, berry, lilac and a beige-brown. In Germany they retail for 7,85€ at dm.

This one is “680 Deluxe“, a very dark blue but in some lighting it looks almost black on the nails. The texture is okay, but a little thick. That and the fast drying time makes the first coat a little patchy. But a second thin coat will more or less even it out – even if it doesn’t seem so at first because it levels out quite slowly.
The drying time is fast, but not as fast as I am used to with other textured polishes.

The finish is matte and feels soft and nice. At first I was a little afraid that it would look like the “Leather Matte” polishes from P2 – but it is definitely different and not as coarse. And no worries: the texture is uniform, so thankfully it doesn’t look like sheet marks. 😉

Overall I really like it but I was a little disappointed about the huge color difference between the color in the bottle and the one on the nails. The matte finish darkened the end result a lot!
What do you think of this finish and color?


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