Sally Hansen – Velvet- 670 Lavish

Hey Ladies,

Today I will show you the second polish from the new Velvet LE by Sally Hansen.

This one is called “Lavish” and has a dark berry pink tone.

The application was pretty much the same as it was with its blue brother. The first coat was patchy because the surface dries fast, but it takes a while until it is fully dry and safe from clumsy bumps against the table. 😉
The polish leaves a matte, slightly textured finish which feels nice and soft.

A little disappointing once again was the color! I loved it in the bottle but the matte finish changes it completely and in the end it looks like a much daker version, which is sad because I think vibrant colors with this texture would have been a lot more interesting!

I was in the mood for some studs and so I placed some splatter studs form BornPrettyStore near my cuticles. I used nail glue to really secure them because I couldn’t apply a top coat.
What do you think about these polishes? Did you get one too?


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