Winter Roses

Hey Ladies,

The lovely Cyw chose “Festive” as topic for this theme month. That theme just calls for glitter (at least for me :P) but I didn’t use the typical red or gold.

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Leave Nails for Autumn

Hey guys,

October is slowly coming to an end and with it the #frischlackiertchallenge. There are only three themes left and the one for today is “Autumn”. This actually matches the theme of Cyw‘s “Mottomonat” perfectly (which is “A Hint of Autumn”). I shamefully have to admit that I haven’t participated in Cyw’s theme month for a long long time, so I hope I can make up for it and promise to be better!

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Gold Lace Nails & Essie “Urban Jungle”

I was really lucky to find an untouched display of the EssieHaut in the heat” collection in my local drug store the other day and I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful very pale nude polish, which seems like the mature older sister of “Fiji” and “Find me an oasis”.

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Bird & Feather Nails

This design is for the “Mottomonat” that I found on the blog Jahreszeitenhaus. I really like Cyw’s idea of sharing themed manicures every month. Everybody can participate, so that is why I thought I give it a try. This month’s theme is “Birds and Feathers” and since I have a pack of feather decals from BornprettyStore in my drawer, I thought now was the time to try them out.

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